Since retiring I have had more time to link up with other bakers via the Internet. One site I am very fond of is @BakeBehaviour not only do they encourage you to bake and enjoy your cooking. Also through their Twitter site you are able to link up with other bakers. They also write a blog and every few weeks they set challenges which are so much fun to participate in.
One of their challenges was to make a deconstructed dessert. I’m pleased to say I entered and I WON! I couldn’t believe it. Any way here is my deconstructed Apple Pie.
Made up of Caramel apples, pastry cinnamon swirl, Apple crisps, Apple ice cream and an apple & vodka shot


Deconstructed Apple Pie

Deconstructed Apple Pie

I also made a take on an Eves Pudding with Passion Fruit and Orange Sauce

Deconstructed Eves Pudding

Deconstructed Eves Pudding

The second challenge was to bake a tart. The twist was to be creative with taste, textures and or appearance. For this I made a Chocolate Orange and Pear Tart decorated with a sugar basket, orange peel rose and pastry leaves. I made a tart for sharing and a individual tart.


Chocolate Orange Tarts

Chocolate Orange Tarts








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