Whipped Goats Cheese with sundried tomatoes

Ok,here is a little tasty dip recipe for sitting around with friends over the bank holiday. If you like goats cheese you will like this dip. It is quick to make,but not inexpensive. You can adapt the flavours by using nuts, caramelised onions,fruits,chopped meats etc. This recipe is a modification of a Simon Rimmer recipe.

Whipped goats cheese

Whipped goats cheese


112g soft, rindless goats’ cheese

112g full fat cream cheese

75ml cream ( I used double cream)

Salt and pepper

Juice quarter of alemon

Chopped sundried tomatoes to taste

1 tbsp honey approximately


For the goats cheese

1. Simply whip all of the ingredients together by hand for a good 3 minutes.

2. Chop sundried tomatoes very small then add to cheese mix. Save some for decoration (see picture)

3. Spoon into a small bowl,sprinkle on reserved tomatoes and drizzle with honey.